March's Numbers

MARCH NUMBERS: Since opening on March 8th we have completed intakes for 48 peers. We have had 428 peers in 24 days averaging 18 peers per day. We have filled 8 homeless peer requests beyond the daily necessities we provide. We have filled 7 emergency household requests for peers who have secured housing. We have had 3 interactions with police prompted by us: 1 for a medical emergency 1 for a mental health well check 1 for drug paraphernalia left with personal belongings in a locker after hours. We have asked 2 peers who are on the sex offender registry not to return so we can insure the safety of the children that visit the Center regularly. 2 intoxicated peers were asked to leave without incident one day. We've also had overwhelming community support and I wish I kept track of the number of donors that dropped off daily. Starting today I will ❤️ We have so much gratitude for everyone who has made this possible for us. We couldn't do what we do without you ❤️

Koke MC was in the house!!!

Koke MC and the Positivity Booth was in the house at SAPIF! He brought us some much needed cleaning supplies and deodorant. Don't forget to Like and follow him on Facebook to see all of the amazing things he does!

Koke MC's Facebook Page

April's Numbers

We continue to grow! We have completed 26 new intakes in April for a total of 74. We have had 621 peers in the 29 days that we were open in April, averaging 21 peers per day. We have filled 19 homeless peer requests beyond the daily necessities we provide. We have filled 5 emergency household requests and 2 move-ins. We have had 2 interactions with police: 1 peer arrested on a warrant from a different county (not prompted by us) 1 incident of drug/paraphernalia pick up that was left behind.

American Legion Post 83

It is generous donors and awesome supporters like this that make it possible for us to keep our doors open. Thank you American Legion Post 83!

Post 83 Facebook Page

A huge thank you to our local law enforcement for the donation of the the honey buns! It is greatly apreciated!

Thanksgiving 2023

Our first Thanksgiving at the Day Center was a success! A huge thank you to everyone who donated to make this possible! We served 28 of our peers.